Hello, I’m Yushin!

I’m mostly hacking in python or bash to automate one chore at a time. Also, I’m all in for any project to save resources and the environment!

Tools I love

  • Git: You should always use it. Better than any messy backup.
  • Vim: Yeah, it’s still great. Use a plugin manager to get the most out of it.
  • Pandoc: this is really a reliable Swiss Army’s Knife for any document
  • Tesseract: Thanks for open sourcing the great OCR!
  • Docker: finally getting the same results everywhere!

Tools I’m still looking for

  • A transparent system to manage distributed copies/backups of mixed files
  • A quick way to automate repetitive web browser tasks
  • A reliable way to backup and transfer emails
  • A good TTS engine
  • A mature editor for office documents, or a good library for that


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